Capacity building

Strong, innovative and trustworthy NGOs are good partners for solving common concerns for the state or finding new working solutions for better life.

NENO’s capacity building activities for CSOs

Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations (NENO) supports and empowers Estonian civil society organizations (CSOs) by analyzing their needs, preparing plans for solving these needs and finding new partners to advance the organizational development of the CSOs and increase their capacity to achieve greater impact and actual results.

The aim of capacity building

The aim is the improvement of the capacity of CSOs to influence processes in the society. We want participating public benefit CSOs and their leaders to maximize their organizational capacity and to work systematically with their own practical content and aim so that they would be more effective and achieve greater impact in the society. Effective CSOs mean more powerful advocacy and more professional and quality services (or other activities) which are beneficial equally to the end user as well as to the society. Influential and strong CSOs are able to increase citizen activism and, in so doing, strengthen civil society.

About our activities

Here are some of the reasons why NENO has been and continues to be successful in carrying out such capacity building activities:

  • Our programs have a tested methodology, best experts on CSO capacity building and a network of volunteer partners;
  • Participation in our capacity building trainings is open for all CSOs acting in public interests;
  • Program offers expert advice, which is otherwise expensive and thus often not available for CSOs;
  • Our trainings and workshops are tailored to takes into account the special needs of each participant and their organization;
  • The needs and possibilities for capacity building are analysed and an activity plan composed together with an expert;
  • The CSOs take responsibility for their own development and following their activity plan;
  • A number of CSOs benefit from one training;
  • People from civil society and experts from other sectors are brought together;
  • Our workshops offer possibilities for mutual learning and knowledge transfer.