'Anti-Deceitfulness' Demonstrations Draw Significant Turnout

laine uudised-laine
17. Nov 2012

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, gathered in the capital and several other cities this afternoon to protest the Reform Party's handling of its financing scandal and a perceived attitude of disengagement on the part of the government.

In Tallinn, the protest started on Toompea hill at 14:00 where several hundred were on hand; a procession then wound down to the lower city to Tammsaare Park, where numbers were estimated at over 1,000 by daily Postimees. 

Leading figures who addressed the crowd there included professor Rein Raud and an organizer of the rally, Made Luiga.  

Luiga declared an end to the "politically silent era" where "politics are the preserve of only parties." 

"We aren't  protesting only against the Reform Party today. We are protesting against the fact that our parties don't have ideology anymore. That they have become interest groups who do not listen to or consider the people," she told Postimees.

Hundreds also gathered in Viljandi, a town of 20,000 in south central Estonia.