Apply for Beginning NGO Leaders Accelerator!

4. Oct 2023

NENO is announcing an accelerator for beginning NGO leaders, the purpose of which is to offer the opportunity to those who have worked in an NGO leadership role for up to two years to develop their leadership skills together with experts and peers.

The accelerator lasts for half a year and is based on the NGO leader competency model. The work language is Estonian.

Fill out the application form to apply for the program no later than October 11!

Requirements for participation:

  • to attend at least 80% of meetings;
  • to actively participate and contribute in meetings;
  • to set personal goals for the development of the chosen competence;
  • to be an active self-directed learner who moves towards his goals with the support of a mentor and the materials provided in the accelerator.

Accelerator structure:

NENO selects up to 15 participants, who take responsibility for contributing to the program.

The accelerator starts with self-analysis. The participant analyses his/her competences based on the competency model and receives feedback regarding his strengths and areas for development. Each participant sets personal goals.

During six months, regular (once a month) meetings will take place, consisting of both training and experiential learning. Between meetings, participants engage in independent study and receive support from a mentor. There will be six meetings during the accelerator. Each meeting focuses on the development of one competency.

Additional information: Heleene Lippmaa,

The program is supported by the Active Citizens Fund.