Arvamusfestival will take place on Paide vallimägi and have seven discussion areas

11. Jun 2020

Arvamusfestival has finalized its new format in accordance with the current regulations for public events. Instead of the planned 25 discussion areas, seven will be realized, and the festival will take place on the planned dates of 14. and 15. August, this time on Paide vallimägi.

The seven discussion areas were picked out in accordance with this year’s leading principle – fundamental human rights- and freedoms inspired by the 100th  birthday year of the constitution – and they aim to maintain the integrity of the areas prepared so far. The discussion schedule and the cultural programme will be announced in the beginning of July

„In accordance with the current regulations, a thousand people can visit the festival every day, which is why we ask everyone to register separately for both days. This way we are able to ensure safety and a secure access to the area“, explained festival organiser Kaspar Tammist. As restrictions loosen or tighten, the festival will review the conditions.

Participants must also comply with all requirements in force in August, which as of now are deemed to be social distancing, washing hands, etc. The availability of necessary resources on site, as well as the cleaning of surfaces, will be ensured by the organisers.

Although in recent years the festival has been visited by around 4000 people a day, festival coordinator Maiko Kesküla assures that the atmosphere will not suffer because of the restrictions: “A thousand people will distribute amply, and comfortably, between the seven areas and the festival club, even when keeping 2 metres apart”.

Arvamusfestival is being held for the eighth time and is being supported by the City of Paide, the Ministry of Justice, Järvamaa Omavalitsuste Liit, National Foundation of Civil Society, Government Office of Estonia, Telia, Year of Digital Culture 2020, Miltton, European Commission’s representative office in Estonia, Euroopa Parlamendi Büroo, and Active Citizens Fund which is mediated by Open Estonia Foundation in collaboration with Estonian Civil Society.

Kaspar Tammist
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