Estonian-Latvian urbanists' summer days

laine uudised-laine
3. Aug 2011


Linnalabor (EST) and the developers of SocMap.com (LV) cordially invite you to the Estonian and Latvian urbanists´ summer days 2011!

The weekend event will take place on August 20th and 21st in the beautiful seaside resort of Kabli in southwest Estonia, 13 km from the Latvian border. The programme, aiming to ignite cross-border communication and co-operation, will include a Pecha Kucha session, teamworking and an idea fair cushioned by the leisure and pleasure of summertime beach, sports, sauna and socialising.

The summer days is part of the Estonian-Latvian co-operation project initiated by Linnalabor with the aim of bringing together the neighbouring countries´ experts of everything urban: architecture, planning, landscape, everyday culture, art, politics, transportation, communities, public space, flyposting, skateboarding etc.

More information and registration: http://www.linnalabor.ee/estlat