Fine Weather Brings Out 24,000 for Community Action Day

laine uudised-laine
9. May 2011

The Let's Do It Community Action Day brought out more than 24,000 people last Saturday, more than double the predicted 10,000 attendants, largely due to excellent weather. Almost 1,000 community action projects were organized around the country, ranging from clean-ups to discussion forums. 

Attendance was highest in Harjumaa and Tallinn, with nearly 6,000 participants, followed by Pärnumaa and Saaremaa. Three community action projects were held across the border: in Russia, Finland and Spain. 

Most community action projects involved repairing local building and cultural objects, cleaning up the neighborhood and similar tasks. Attendance was higher than usual in cities, where many enterprises, schools, and organizations participated collectively. 

President Toomas Hendrik Ilves participated at the forest-planting project in Kullametsa.