Help Ukraine

6. Jun 2022

    Many NGOs and other organizations offer everyone the opportunity to help the victims of the Ukrainian war. Here’s an additional list of ways everyone can take their action.

    For Ukraine

    Joint initiative of Mondo, Estonian Refugee Council and the Ukrainian Cultural Center. Humanitarian aid, psychological support, and rapid help in the military action area.

    Help Estonian Refugee Council

    You can offer a job, a place to live, services, things or your time.

    Red Cross

    The Estonian Red Cross collects money donations and the Red Cross recycling shop Punane Ristik receives decent clothes, shoes and household items from donors. You can also contribute as a volunteer.

    Food bank

    A campaign to collect food for Ukrainians.

    NGO Slava Ukraini

    An assistance delivered directly to Kyiv.

    Estonian Rescue Association

    Help for the rescuers of Ukraine – both money and things.


    A list of ways to help Ukrainians and the LGBT + community there compiled by the Estonian LGBT Association.

    Ukranian NGOs

    Several lists – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – of credible initiatives to support locally and internationally.