International Women’s Network in Estonia

6. Jun 2022

We are an NGO that focuses efforts on helping international migrant women in Estonia. We seek to strengthen women’s voices with our activities and we are in the constant process of building a safe space for them to communicate, connect and find support through sisterhood. We are advocates of multiculturality, gender equality and women empowerment.

Our story

We started early in 2020 with a Facebook group for Spanish speaking women (native and
non-native speakers) and it has grown organically. In this group women have the
opportunity to communicate their live situations in Estonia, find support, advices and share
knowledge regarding feminism, culture and more.

As women began voicing out their experiences of domestic and gendered violence within
our group, we realized that a stronger support structure was needed to face this issue
together and to give voice to migrant women in Estonia.

We are aware that domestic violence is an issue that affects all societies of the world as
violence does not respect geographical borders. Women are already vulnerable for being
women worldwide, yet, being an immigrant adds an extra layer of vulnerability that we
believe is not being voiced in Estonia yet. This is our motivation to grow our efforts and the
reason why the NGO called International Women’s Network in Estonia was formalized on
the 8th of March 2022, sharing the same day as the celebration of the International
Women’s Day.

The Team

Become an ally!

As part of our efforts to give voice to migrant women, we specialize in organizing diverse
collaborative events that empower women and the migrant community.
We can collaborate by:
● Giving visibility to each other’s projects and building a community
● Creating a safe space where micro and nano business can have voice and visibility
● Organizing multicultural events
● Participating in fundraising events
● Cultural mediation activities
Let us know your ideas!

Why collaborate with us?

We have a team of very capable women who are specialists in different fields.
● We are well connected with the expat community in Estonia.
● We have experience in organizing events for the expat community.
We work following the lines of the Customer Success field. Our pillar method of
communication is based on “SHOT” model which stands for:
This method allows us to have active, trustful and clear communication within our team,
and with the people we collaborate with. Which allows us to prevent unnecessary issues
that can easily be avoided. We care for our time management and this translates into
better results.

You can support us!

General support fund – by donating to this fund, you will help us to be an independent
organization that supports migrant women and represents their interests. We use the
donated money wisely and economically for the day-to-day running costs of the


International Women’s Network in Estonia
IBAN: EE387700771007680231





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Dalisa Cisneros & Jacobina De Rivera