Learning organisation approach

7. May 2024

On 19 April, the DD Foundation, the NENO and the Be More Network organised an event on “How to turn one person’s knowledge into an organisation’s knowledge?”. At the event, the DD Foundation presented the learning organisation approach and the NENO presented workshops on leadership development programmes. Afterwards, we discussed together what NGOs can learn from these two experiences and how to create ways to transfer knowledge within their own organisation.

The following key messages resonated with participants and organisers:

1) In order for an organisation to function, it is necessary that everyone has a common understanding of the objectives and why it is necessary to document their activities.
2) A learning organisation is a mindset. It needs to value learning and to be constantly ready to adapt.
3) An organisation is made up of people and the interaction between them. It is therefore important to take account of people’s specificities and, where appropriate, to map personal motivations in addition to those of the organisation.
4) NGOs are often short of time and resources. Therefore, it is important to try to create learning and sharing opportunities around already existing activities and to make this as easy and natural as possible.