Let's Do It 2011 Features over 4000 Participants, Storytelling and Facebook Activism

laine uudised-laine
25. Apr 2011

With just under two weeks to go until the Let's Do It community action day held on May 7th, over 600 community projects have been registered, with over 4000 participants signed up at this point.

The number of community projects has more than doubled since we last reported on the community action day, three weeks ago. Currently 671 projects have been registered, with more than 4000 participants scheduled to attend. The projects cover all of Estonia's 15 counties, with two additional projects based in border areas of Finland and Russia. The largest number of projects – 120 – are scheduled for Harjumaa, the largest county in Estonia. And community activists aren't the only ones proposing projects – organizations such as the Union of Cooperative Housing Associations or the Defence League have proposed projects too. 

Participants can sign up through Facebook – and invite their friends – at major bank offices and mobile banks, and via phone. 

Meanwhile, Let's Do It World is holding their first action meeting tomorrow, for activists interested in turning the Estonian-born community action movement into a global project. The organization plans to engage over 100 million people next year in the same sort of clean-up activities that captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands of Estonians four years ago. A start has already been made, as eight countries have already adopted the Let's Do It label and held their own clean-up campaigns. Just two weeks ago, Let's Do It clean-up days were held in Lithuania, Moldova and Ukraine.