Let's Do It Cleanup Spreads to Lithuania, Moldova and Ukraine

laine uudised-laine
15. Apr 2011

In 2008, visionaire Rainer Nõlvak created Let's Do It – a community action campaign that brought 50,000 Estonians together, cleaning up the undergrowth of Estonian woods. The project has since then spread across the globe and mutated into Let's Do It World, a global organization that has inspired similar projects in 8 countries, from Romania to Brazil. Over 1,3 million people have participated in the cleanup campaigns across the globe.

This weekend two more countries will be added to this list. Let's Do It Moldova and Ukraine are taking place this Saturday, in addition to Lithuania who is having their cleanup day for the fourth time. In Moldova, the project is called Hai Moldova!, and the mainly student-led organization expects more than 100,000 attendees this coming weekend. The Ukraine project, Зробимо Україну чистою! is hoping for 50,000 attendees across the country and the Lithuanian Darom! expects a whopping 300,000 attendees.

The week-end is capped off by the Balkan Cleanup Conference, in Ljubljana, where representatives from the Balkans are preparing for their own Let's Do It campaigns next year. A pilot campaign in Sofia, Bulgaria last week brought together an unexpected 45,000 people. An Austrian delegation will also be present.

Let's Do It World keeps expanding though. Other clean-up campaigns scheduled for 2011 include places like Latvia, Cambodia, Finland, Russia and Brazil. The newest group of activists are planning a clean-up campaign in San Francisco, USA.