More NGO-s Take Over Public Services, Offer Employment Opportunities

laine uudised-laine
19. May 2011

NGOs across the country are taking over public services thanks to entrepreneurial Estonians who, finding themselves unemployed, turn to the third sector for new challenges.

ERR evening news reported that the small county of Viljandimaa alone, with a population of slightly over 50,000 has more than 700 non-profit organizations.

These NGOs include organizations involved in delivering social services and nursing care, legal advice, and handicraft. Epp Johan, founder of MTÜ Teeme, a support group for the unemployed told ERR evening news that she founded the organizations after she became unemployed herself, to motivate herself to do something and keep active.

One concern that was articulated time and again was the need for more effective communication, in order to bring together different organizations who could potentially collaborate, as well as organizations and potential volunteers.