NENO Helps Bring Carpooling to the Masses

laine uudised-laine
14. Apr 2011


Carpooling no longer has to be an occasional agreement between friends and neighbors. A new web portal, soida.me developed in conjunction with NENO provides the opportunity for everyone to publicly list their travel routes and take on passengers in exchange for covering fuel costs. This will provide travelers with good company, lower fuel costs and a greener environment. 

The website allows users to register themselves as passengers or drivers using their Facebook user data, and add themselves as potential carpoolers, marking down the date, time and route of their journey, as well as the number of empty seats when applicable.

In addition, the website provides useful information about green driving, such as ways to calculate fuel use and the size of one's ecological footprint. In addition users can read about the environmental dangers of driving cars and different methods of going car-free. 

The genesis of the soida.me project is deeply rooted in civic activism. The project was first conceived during the 2009 Let's Do It community action day and became a part of NENO-s "Seven in One Public Service Project". The project helped develop eleven services designed to increase the use of cutting-edge communication technology in providing public services through local governments and communities. The program was cofinanced by Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway through the EMP financial mechanism.