NENO Summer School for NGOs

30. Aug 2022

In the mid of August, for more than seven years, the summer school for NGO’s was held again – we really got together, got to know each other, shared experiences, listened to speakers and had a good time together.

The main topic of the summer school this year was “How to reduce gaps in society?” As an introduction, Jan Teevet (Paide Theatre), Priit Jõe (SPIN program) and Kertu Birgit Anton (Fridays for Future) shared their experiences of cooperation.

On the first day, participants could choose between different workshops, which focused on reducing gaps from different perspectives.

On the second day, we hosted Daniel Vaarik (Levila), who introduced variations of talking to different parties about complex issues through his experiences. During the conversation, following topics with Daniel were discussed: shaping your message, the “us” vs. “them” mentality, the importance and ability to listen to all parties, storytelling and the ability to let the emotions that come with the topic to appear.

Summer school ended with a group discussion, where we summarized the ideas generated during two days, discussed the next steps in our organizations and shared thoughts that were on our minds.

Many thanks to all workshop organizers, guests and participants!

See you at our next summer school on 17-18. in August 2023!