Public talk: human rights and fair trade for sustainable development

8. Jun 2022

Companies’ and consumers’ lack of awareness of the violations of human rights and reluctance to actively use their power to curb these violations and unfair trade are under fire from activists, researchers, journalists and civil society organizations. While some producers, retailers, wholesalers and citizens have taken steps to address such ignorance, loopholes in the companies’ own policies, as well as in government policy and consumers’ responsibility remain the subject of debate and public scrutiny. When people suffer and continue to live in poverty, sustainable development for all is not possible.

Join us on Monday, June 20, 13:00 EEST as we discuss the situation of human rights and fairness in trade, sustainable development needs, young people’s expectations, and possible solutions to address these shortcomings. Event is held in English.

● Dace Kavasa, Human Rights Expert, Member of CSR Latvia
● Rugile Matuseviciute, Climate Communication Specialist, Lithuania
● Josetta Nousjoki, Advocacy Manager in Fairtrade Finland
● Meri Hyrske-Fischer, International Human Rights Coordinator, Fairtrade’s HREDD Centre of Excellence
● Moderator: Kristina Mänd, Advocacy and Engagement Expert in Mondo, Estonia

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