Recognition event of the civil society makers of the year!

5. Dec 2022

Candidates for civil society makers and volunteers of the year can be submitted until December 11. Among others, we recognize civil society organizations, people, representatives of public authorities and companies that have contributed to the improvement of life in Estonia.

We are looking for candidates in the following categories:

  • CSO of the year, which serves both an example and an influencer
  • Public authority representative of the year, which can be an institution or a person who has contributed to the progress of civil society
  • Company of the year, whether social or not, but definitely one that is more than a sponsor
  • Mission person of the year, who does things with heart, soul and mind
  • The act of the year, which can be called the most significant change in civil society last year
  • Volunteer of the year
  • Volunteers involvment person of the year
  • Company promoting voluntary activities of the year

Candidates can be submitted through the online form* until December 11, 2022.

The thanksgiving event will take place in January and the patron of recognition is President Alar Karis.

* Online form is in Estonian language and contains following required fields:

  1. Name of the candidate
  2. Who is that person mostly?

CSO of the year

Action of the year

Mission person of the year

Volunteer of the year

Volunteer involvment person of the year

Company that has promoted voluntary action

Public authority representative of the year

Company of the year

3. Birth date of the candidate (if not known, please put 01.01.1900)

4. Candidate’s or representative’s email

5. Reason for submission (Describe in a few paragraphs which organization that person works for and what he or she has done. Please add enough context if necessary and consider that the evaluation committee may not have heard of the candidate before.

6. Submitter’s name, phone and email

Additional information:

Inna Laanmets

organizer of the recognition event

Vabaühenduste Liit

+372 501 1482