Submit your nomination for Civil Society Act of the Year!

8. Nov 2023

Who are the great people, good volunteers and influential organisations that have stood out to you in 2023? Now is the time to recall them and nominate them for the Civil Society Actors and Volunteers of the Year.

Nominations are open in eight categories until 5 December via an online form.


  • NGO of the Year – an organisation that is a role model, a mover and a shaker.
  • Public figure of the year, which could be an institution or an individual who has contributed to the advancement of civil society.
  • Company of the Year, whether social or not, but certainly one that is more than a sponsor.
  • Missionary of the Year, who does good things with heart, soul and mind.
  • Achievement of the Year, which can be defined as the most significant change in civil society.
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Volunteer engaging organisation of the Year
  • Volunteer participation pmoter of the year

A panel of experts in the field will select the winners from the nominations received by the deadline.

The awards will be presented by President Alar Karis at a ceremony in early February. The event is supported by the Ministry of the Interior.

The Federation of Civil Society Associations has been recognising civil society activists since 1996, and Volunteers of the Year since 2005. From 2020, the two events will be held together.

The photo shows the civil society actors and volunteers recognised in 2022. By Karl-Kristjan Nigesen.

More information:
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