Tartu to Start Participatory Budgeting Process

laine uudised-laine
21. Aug 2013

Tartu is the first city in Estonia that opens up its budget designing process for citizens and experiments with Participatory Budgeting according to scenario designed by e-Governance Academy (eGA).

Citizens of Tartu can decide how their city should spend 140 000 euros which is about 1% of next year’s investment budget. From August  21 until September 10 all citizens of Tartu are invited to present their ideas via webpage  www.tartu.ee/kaasaveelarve  or by sending a letter/e-mail to City Public Relations Department.

Participatory Budgeting is already in use in many countries, but  the models and ways to implement it vary to a great degree. The City of Tartu started with planning the process of Participatory Budgeting already in 2012 when eGA organized an introductory seminar for Tartu city officials. In February 2013 the special working group was formed. It was leaded by experts of eGA and in addition to the Mayor and vice-Mayors the representatives of all fractions of City Council participated in the working group. By May 2013 the working group elaborated the suitable model and scenario for implementing Participatory Budgeting in Tartu.

For following the process (in Estonian) visit www.tartu.ee/kaasaveelarve

Additional information: Kristina Reinsalu, kristina@ega.ee