Volunteer gate, a portal for connecting volunteers with NGOs, now in three languages

8. Jan 2020

Volunteer gate is the largest portal in Estonia to bring together information about volunteering. The portal is aimed both for potential volunteers as well as those looking to find new volunteers and needing advice on how to better engage them.

Estonian Village Movement Kodukant, administrating the website, are proud to present the portal freshly translated in both Russian and English languages besides Estonian. “We meet a lot of people who have recently moved to Estonia and are looking to get better aquainted with the local people and soiety in general. Volunteering is a wonderful way to do this. So far many foreigners have not had enough topical information, a problem we have now solved,” said Eha Paas from Kodukant.

The updated portal gives an option to both add and search for volunteering advertisements in three languages, read realated news and get information on how to better engage volunteers.

“We wish to encourage the NGOs to bring in people from other nationalities as volunteers. Adding advertisements is free of charge for all NGOs, although we do expect them to really thing through how they can best engage volunteers. We also provide counselling on this,” added Paas.

Volunteer gate was updated as part of the project “Promoting voluntary work among newly arrived people”, with the aim of advancing volunteering among newcomers in Estonia and thus integrating them into the Estonian society.

In addition to the new Volunteer gate, workshops were organized in three counties to better prepare those engaging new volunteers. New guidebooks will soon be published in Estonian, Russian and English to provide more information on engaging volunteers from other nationalities as well as finding possibilities of volunteering in Estonia.

The project is funded through the European Social Fund and Estonian state budget.

Further information:
Tanel Mätlik
project coordinator
Estonian Village Movement Kodukant
GSM: +372 510 2705