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24. Dec 2011


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How to build a house out of garbage?

Ecological movement from Guatemala, Pura Vida, has a simple yet genius solution for places with illegal dumping problem and no recycling facilities. Instead of just piling it up, you can build stable and functional houses for the community to use. Find out how!
Have a look at the video interview with an initiator who is explaining about the basics and origins of the technique.
 Click here to read more about how this has helped to build functioning libraries, schools, public toilets and training centers in many countries.

Upcoming events

January 12th – 15th 2012:

Let's Do It! World Cleanup 2012 kick-off conference in Tallinn, Estonia.

Read more about our big gathering here.


Merry Christmas to all our friends and partners!

You are being the change the world has been waiting for: Thank you dear volunteers, dear friends and partners! Thanks to you we are now gearing up in 83 different countries for the World Cleanup 2012! Thank you Rezidor Hotel Group and Carlson for hosting us whenever and whereever we need it! Thank you Skype for connecting us across the globe! Thank you DHL Estonia for taking things where they need to be! Thank you Estonian Air for flying us where we need to go! Thank you Open Estonia Foundation and Enterprise Estonia, for making the conference possible! Thank you all kind people in different organisations who are with us and behind us! 

Albanian team is already in action!

Albanian team launched the campaign with a big splash: The date for the cleanup is now set and the team is going ahead, full speed! But we wanted to look beyond the surface. You know why you joined the World Cleanup 2012 and why you want to clean all the world but do you also know why Albanian team joined the project? Read the following article and find out!



Congratulations: Russian team get's big awards!

Awards for outstanding action: Voluntary work is thankful all the times but when you or your organization get awarded by the public it tastes even better. Russian activists Evgeniya Sukhova and Sergey Ganeyev got a big prize for their “500 Cleanups” action which gave them huge amount of energy and enthusiasm to continue their work. Read more about the two activists, their project in Russia and about the price! 

Country profiles: Greece vs Nepal

Looking at two countries up close: What is common in Nepal and Creece, seemingly two so different countries? Correct, both of them have joined Letsdoit World Cleanup 2012 and have their unique projects going on. Read more about the two countries, their projects and teams to broaden your mind and get some inspiration for new thoughts!